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5 Things To Do In Kilifi, Kenya

By Jamii Hub 2 weeks ago Travel

1. Malindi and Watamu Marine National ParksAt 213km2, Malindi Marine National Park is one of the largest and oldest marine parks in Kenya. It has fringing reefs, coral gardens and mangroves, all of wh...

Legal Requirements For Starting A Business In Kenya

By Jamii Hub 2 weeks ago Business

If you are thinking of starting a business in Kenya, then it is imperative you familiarize yourself with all the legal requirements you are expected to satisfy.The first thing you must do is to go onl...

Hey homeowners, stop telling me how great renting is

By Jamii Hub 2 weeks ago Uncategorized

Dear personal finance experts, can we get real for a second? If you own a home (or townhouse, or condo) you’re no longer in a position to argue in favour of renting. I don’t care how en vogue the advi...